HideMyAss VPN Review

HMA is mostly a VPN provider from the UK. It is a supplementary of the cybersecurity firm Avast, which was founded in 2004. Its internet site reveals an array of features. The organization has no records, which is an advantage in the VPN market. The company’s website is normally updated often with new information about the solutions. Using HMA is safe and secure, and users can browse the internet anonymously without worrying about personal information theft.

One of the many complaints about HideMyAss is the fact it is lacking in a customer support department. Even if a customer service representative should reply to your query in a week, the organization does not commit to good customer service. Rather, they will respond to email messages by saving every part of information on their particular servers. While a few technical problems have been reported in past times, HideMyAss has updated their privacy policy and has a devoted team that may assist you in finding a solution.

Another complaint is that the company will not support DURCHGANG or any additional popular anonymous browsing protocol. The service likewise does not support TOR. Nevertheless , the company gives pre-built software for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. The business does not accept cryptocurrencies, nevertheless accepts many major charge cards and incorporates a global download safervpn presence. In terms of security, HideMyAss is one of the best choices. There are pre-built programs for Google android, Linux, and iOS.

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